Method to get the name of your friends crush

Hi Friends, Hope everyone in good health.

The title is so eye catchy right? Well, just wait a few more seconds.

About a year ago, While surfing internet, I came across this site which calculates love percentage (on the front end) and send the field inputs to the registered user email. I felt that this is too simple to understand. But many of my friends fell into this trick, so, I felt it is better to share information regarding this site.

This is absolutely fun for any human to know and tease their friends by knowing their secrets. So, Get ready to prank your friends.

This is the site link: UltimateLoveCalculator (test with your crush and check the result)

Love Calculator

Prerequisites : Seriously??? Nothing..

Steps to follow:

1. Register yourself here with a valid address - Registration Page
2. Verify your email address through email
3. Select the generated referral link and ask your friends to test their love percentage.

And the Result is:

And a mail with the details to your registered email -

 So Simple..... isn't???

Please don't misuse this one... ( I was just being formal :p , Use as much as you want!!!)

Feel free to share similar sites or post comments for any queries.


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