Youtube views Trick..

Hello Guys, A small and efficient trick to get youtube views. Its not complex, but u need to setup ur computer.....

YOU just need a:
1. IP CHANGER:http://kickass.to/platinum-hide-ip-v3-2-9-8-crack-team-rjaa-t7709165.html

or (Direct Link) Download here
2. Mozilla Firefox
3. Auto refresher Add on: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox...loadevery/

1. Install Ip changer
2. Extract 
3. Crack it(Just copy the crack from crack folder::IGNORE PATCH.RAR)
4. Install the Add on Reloadevery
5. Clear Your browser's cookies
6. Open Plantinum hide
7. Select Choose ip location to your Neighbour country.
8. After getting the feak ip
9. Go to your Video page(Let the video load for about 30 seconds)
10. Right click on the Tab of your browser
11. Go to reload every>Custom
12. Set to 0min 2sec
13. Make sure to enable it (Reload every>Enable)

Note: Your internet speed is also important*(change reload seconds to one second if u have good speed)
Now you are getting automatic views.( u will get 1 view at 2 seconds)
Change your ip many times.


DONE u will get 1 view at 2 seconds

Wait for my Next post....


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