Stream torrents without downloading!!!

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Many of you have wondered to play torrents without actually downloading it. This is because we are not aware of the quality and whether it is worthy to give a shot. Also nowadays, many people want to uitlize their limited internet usage but optimizing all the constraints.

The another use of this trick is to watch movie online (stream movie online), straight from a torrent. Sounds interesting, right? You would be surprised to know (and may be shocked), that the below ways have been there on Internet since a long time.

Many of us actually dont know this fact, otherwise everyone will be in a rush to innovative ideas in this area. But, you have been exploring ways to stream videos from torrent without downloading them and that is the reason that you have ended onto this post.

Here comes our interesting part: The speed of the play. I cannot guarantee that this gives full streaming from net. Many factors influenze this. Some of them are: Your Internet Speed, Quality of the torrent, Seed to peer ratio of the torrent, number of seeders etc., 

Best Ways To Stream Torrent Without Downloading are

1. Magic Player 

Its a pretty solid media player as it lets you stream content from torrents online. All you need to do is feed the player with the URL of the torrent and that is it. This media player will start playing the movie or music using that torrent. Simple yet powerful tool and is definitely a must have app for your computer.

2. Rox Player

Its another media player which is capable of playing videos of almost any format and from almost any source. Yes, you can use local media files, torrents, video links, DHT media, IPTV media and much more. All it needs is a source that can be fed to this media player, and this media player would start streaming media from the provided source.

3. TorStream

As the name suggests, this program is just meant for streaming media files online from torrents. And since its a pretty old program, you can say that streaming torrents has been there in the air since the time of torrent arrival. It lets you use torrents from its own collection, from other torrent providers and even from your local disk.

4. TS Magic Player

Its a Chrome Extension which is basically a P2P Online streaming player. All you need to do is feed this Chrome extension with a torrent of a movie or video, and this player would start playing the video without downloading the media file. It supports a huge number of torrent providers which makes this player a solid one to try.

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