Hello Friends,
Iam back with another piece of simple gadget-like website which i encountered recently. The title seems to be pretty interesting because many of us require this to send files anonymously and securely. This is as fast as P2P sites and i can assure all that it is almost better than any other similar sites. The site mainly serves like a p2p sharing platform.

Many of us upload files over the net. But the main question is: ARE THE FILES SECURE???. Also if you wanted to share the files to specific person or more appropriately, if you don't want your file to be misused, i suggest you this site.

The procedure to be followed is pretty simple.Upload the file over this site -> Copy the unique generated link -> Share with your friend -> Let him download -> Close your browser.

Step 1:
Open this site : Click Here

Step 2:
You will get a screen like this.Click on the box to select your file.You will be getting a unique generated link.

Step 3:
Share the link with your friends along with the password (if kept).

In short,
Your files are sent the shortest way - directly between the recipient and you. There are no intermediate servers slowing down the process. Try FilesOverMiles and send files between your home computers to see how fast it is!
You control who downloads your shared file. You give a secret and unique URL generated by FilesOverMiles. Your file is encrypted and sent direct to another user. No intermediate servers.

Enjoy Secure Sharing!!!Wait for my next post...


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