Internet/3G Tricks and Traps

Hey Friends, Today am here to xplore some Tricks n loopholes regarding Internet and service providers of
Internet and 3G.
As u all know service providers in India charge alot for  to provide their services regarding internet and 3G.
So i am here to aware give you sometips regarding using internet for free by crossing over internet Loopholes.
Which they left open , so we can enter in and use free unlimited 3G internet. Sounds cool.. isn't it.?
Dont worry its not illegal . Service providers like Docomo Airtel Vodafone sometimes activate ur services unknowningly and charge alot by by excusing that u cliked on link and pressed "Ok".
So its your time now to take revenge and use services for free.
There are many tools we can use to get free internet not only on mobile but on PC as well.
Like private networking, Real hosts  and free hosts usage(Bypassing free sites). or proxy handling tricks.
So if u are so excited to know how it works and know more about it
Stay with us and Count on us .

Any dounts or query ?? .Just Shoot it

We are happy to help u . Thanx



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