Easily search for Keygens/Cracks through Google

Hi friends, Hope everyone is getting bored studying. Here's a new trick to refresh yourselves...

Nowadays, many people are downloading soft-wares from internet. Some people buy the original ones, while some try to search for the cracks/patches. This trend got shifted for games too. Many big games like assassins creed, hitman, etc., are cracked by many talented people and shared publicly in net. This post is for those who are interested to play the game (or) use the software without buying it.

We will be using a god-like search engine GOOGLE here. This trick is better than many other ones which rely on blindly tying the name along with word 'crack'/'patch' etc.., This is one of the best search technique hidden mostly for developers which to find serial key of any software. Just follow the steps below..

Step 1:
Open Google Homepage.

Step 2:
Type The Name of the software along with the string '94FBR'. (Here Iam using internet download manager).

Step 3:
Now see the results...

Hope everyone likes it....Wait for my next trick...

Please feel free to share your trick if you have one...


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