Custom Facebook Chat Codes

Nowadays, People are sending Smiles and images that are not part of Facebook default chat codes.
In this post you will see how easy it is to create these codes and Impress you Facebook friends. The best part is that, you can create your Unique codes . You can create codes of any image stored in you computer, by following these steps

Follow these Steps :- 
1. Go to Smileyti.

2. Click on "Browse" and select The  picture you want to use in facebook chat.

3. Enter captcha code.[If you get one]

4. Click on "Upload Now" .

5. It will generate code in few seconds in This form <<[[512585645451273]] [[512585638784607]]>>
Copy The code.
6. Paste it in facebook chat and hit enter.

Now you can make fun of your friends and confuse them with this method..


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