Convert your text to voice

Hello Friends,

Today Iam going to share a new post to convert your text to voice. Although you have high expectations regarding this, i am going to shatter them by revealing that this post may not give you full satisfaction. The content is very simple, but its just like a trail version - like thing which only helps for shorter messages. Though you may type bulk messages, the output may not be so convincing to you.

Step 1:
Visit this website.

Step 2:
You will see something like this...

Thats it....Type some random message and press 'Say It'.

  • You can change speaking language.
  • You can change voice.
  • You can configure speaking effect and its level.

  • Note: This may pose a problem if you are using Internet download manager because, every time you click 'Say It', a Dialog box will open asking us to download the voice. You can listen the voice from the downloaded file.

    Let us Know if you come across any new trick...


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