How to get rid of mosquitoes through computer ?

Funny But sounds true..
Recently when i was surfing the net, i came across this hilarious article which is true to its content. This post was scientifically true and i tested this with my system. The Rivalry between Dragonflies and Mosquitoes is the main base concept on which this article relies. Read and enjoy the Post.
Technology brought big changes in our society and also in our life, Technology changed how we look, how we live, how we speak, how we communicate. Involvement of technology in our day to day life makes our life sometimes more easy and comfortable.
Now this trick will teach you a very simple method to get rid of mosquitoes in your house through your computer. And it is not a joke, it’s really true.
Stop using those chemical based electronic mosquito killing devices which along with mosquito kills you by leaving a harmful effect on your life. Now you can get rid of mosquitoes present in your home through your very own computer, get ecofreindly and tech savvy.
How it work’s ?
Through a simple computer software, we will make sound wave of exact frequency of 57Hz [57 Hertz].
Dragon flies are big enemies of Mosquitoes, they make a sound ranging from frequency of 46Hz to 64Hz, varies on the size of Dragonfly. We will generate same sound through a software and Mosquitoes will run away from the particular area where sound can be heard.
What are the steps ?
These are the simple steps, follow them but don’t modify any other setting by your own, until you know what you are doing.
Here are the steps:-
1. Download NCH Tone Generator software.
2. Install NCH Tone Generator
3. Double click on NCH Tone Generator icon on desktop and run the application
4. Once application launch, Press Enter key on your Keyboard
5. A Popup Window will appear asking Sine 1 Frequency, enter 57.00HZ and press OK button
6. Now Click on Play Option, ensure that speakers are properly connected and volume is set to high.
That’s it, now you may feel a little bit of sound but mosquitoes there are getting affected terribly because of this sound. The mosquitoes in the area will now try to escape and you will achieve your aim.
Enjoy! Now I can surely say Sweet Dreams.


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