Bypass Cyberoam To Access Blocked Sites [Edited]

Firstly I posted this message because my net admin switched their net guard from fortiguard to cyberoam. I searched many ways to bypass this so called security. This stood best in my search...Hope you can say that too.

Most of the colleges, school and offices now-a-days prefer a hardware firewall like Cyberoam to block the users to access the restricted websites like social networking sites and other in-appropriate sites. Many of my friends have asked me about how to access blocked websites or bypass Cyberoam or simply cracking the Cyberoam to access restricted websites in their college and offices. Well we have a tutorial here for this!!!
1. Latest Firefox Browser [Download]
2. Install Cocoon Add-On [Download]
Step 1: Create an account on
Step 2: Install the firefox Add-on Cocoon from here.
Step 3: Press the power button on the cocoon tool bar that can be found on the left of the screen and enter the login details.
Step 4: You are done, now you can start browsing.
{{ Note: Many people face a common problem that cocoon crashes immediately after login. If you too are facing similar problems, then you need to follow the steps below.
Other Requirements:1. Download this version of Cocoon [Download]
Alternative for those who have mediafire also blocked like in my college [Direct Download]
Step 4: Open Firefox
Step 5: Go to Tools–>Addons–> Settings
Step 6: Install add-on from file
Step 7: Open the cocoon-vb-20120830181920-fx.xpi file which we downloaded.
Rest of the things remain the same as instructed in Step 1 till Step 4. }}
Hopefully this method will work for you, until your web-administrator finds a way to block this!!
Dont mind to post if you know any other methods than this..


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