Playing PlayStation games on your PC???

PlayStation on Windows

So,Yesterday I was playing God OF War 3 on my PC using a PS 3 Disc I got...when I was playing some of my friends came inside my room and saw me playing the game and asked me if I had the DVD for it?Of course they did not have a PS3,so I said “This is a PS3 Version” they started to look around my desk for a PS3,the they came up with the question “How the f**k are you playing a PS3 Game on a PC?”
So for those guys who are out there here is how you do it.
1.Softwares that you will need.
b.C++ Redistributable 2010
c.Windows XP/7
d.PCSX2 0.9.8
e.dx 9.0c +

2.Hardwares that you will need.
a.Xbox 360 Analog controller for PC
b.Multi-Core or Multi Threading systems(Recommended AMD Athlon X2 or Intel Core i3)
c.DVD Drive
d.GPU(Depends on the game you play)
e.Monitor with minimum of 1280x1024 resolution support.
How to play PS2/3 game on my Windows PC?
This method can prove to be quite hard to certain users,anyways I suggest you acquire all the recommended softwares and hardware for this tutorial.
1.Get a PS Game and Insert it into your DVD-Drive
Get a playstation compatible game for example God of War 3,insert it into your Drive and let it load up.In the mean time boot up MagicISO,It’s a free utility that lets you make and use ISO images.Magic ISO is found in your tray,right click the icon and select ‘Make CD/DVD Image’ give the appropriate name for the Output folder and done,Once it reached 100% Try to boot the ISO Image.
2.Get the ISO to work fine.
Getting the ISO to work fine is the most important,iso’s are encrypted in delicate lines of code,so it is crucial to have your ISO to work fine,unlike RAR’s you cant fix these using Winrar.However you can use NRG or UIF,But most of the softwares only recognize ISO’s
3.Assemble your PS Bios
Assembling PS Bios is an important thing,you can find a torrent in tpb to get all the bios configurations for free,after downloading the Bios extract it to the Bios folder inside the Installed location of your emulator if you are too lazy to do that you can browse to the location of the bios and select it,and by the way do not src it to a rar file please...
4.Get the emulator to function
The emulator usually gives an error you can overcome this by this procedure from the Menu-Bar CDVD>Plugin.If you guys get any additional error I will try and get the fixes if you post it is a comment down below.
5.Let’s Play!
Go to CDVD and select ISO selector,remember the ISO image that you made with the help of MagicISO specify the location of that by clicking the browse button and you are set to play.


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