Google's Flops...

Google's Biggest Flops

The top leading online company Google is a revolution on the Cyber World.But these Flops done by Google is really unforgettable.

The virtual Life mode was not a success and even disappointed the costumers.
Online Valid Span ; 5 Months.

It was supposed to be a real-time Mail/Chat Messenger app and to make a change in the online communication.But the confusion interaction and all made itself a Flop.
In 2010 Wave was completely erased from the online user's mind.
Online Valid Span ; 1 year , 3 Months.

Was designed to be a Social Network , but turned out to be a matter of confusion.It linked up with Gmail contacts without user permission and paved way for great notifications and users begun to strongly oppose it.
2011 haven't seen Buzz at all.
Online Valid Span ; 1 year , 8 months.

This project was one big thing that Google spend some real money in it. It was supposed to be a browser plug-in to use web apps while offline. But the results were not satisfying.
Online Valid Span ; 1 year , 9 months.

The idea of electronic Medical interaction and records failed due to the discomfort of the users to share their medical history on Google.
The service was also too confusing.
Google health Platform was developed with a great pack of hopes but failed.
Online Valid Span ; 3 years , 8 months.

This shoot was created as a Wikipedia online competitor. But lack of user co-operation and the power of Wikipedia have beaten it.The Encyclopedia became a complete flop in April 2012.
Online Valid Span ; 3 years , 9 months.

This web portal was developed to be a Online Automated Answering platform.This project is not having any big difference from Yahoo answers, which made users stick to the old portals , resulting Answers as a big Flop.
Online Valid Span ; 4 years , 8 months.

But these Flops haven't made Google give up. They are still fighting and there is no other alternate to it.


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