Encrypt Email In One Click!!

Here is the easiest way to encrypt emails. You must have heard of many trustworthy ways to encrypt your email, but I am pretty sure that you might not have encountered anything close to the one that we are sharing in this post. is quick, easy and safe. Best part about Encipher, is the fact that it not only lets you encode emails, but you can use its online encyptor to encrypt any for of text. For example, you want to share encrypted messages on Facebook, then logon to the website of its web service, type your text, and click on Encipher It link.
Once you click on it, it would ask for an Encryption Key. Once done, it would give you an URL which has to be shared with the people whom you want to read it. Once the try to open this URL, it would ask for the key (which was used while encrypting the message). Yes, its as simple as that.
For emailing, you would have to use to same mechanism and you can anyways download its bookmarklet which would make things easier for you. Let you give you step by step instructions to do it.

Encrypt Email In One Click Using

  • Firstly, you need to download the bookmarklet for your respective browser. This would make things simpler to you
  • Now go ahead and compose your email, and before sending it out, click on the bookmarklet - Encrypt Email In One Click.png
  • This would ask for an encryption key, just enter the password and click on Encrypt key
  • You can now send the converted URL to the receiver, who need to enter the same key to decipher it
Its simple, fast and safe, as I said. If you encounter times when you feel like encrypting your emails or messages, then try this free web service out.


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