Schedule Facebook status update

Most of us, or say Everyone of us have Facebook account. We love Facebook and we have a type of addiction of it. We have so many friends, and we dedicate our special status update to them. The more status we update the more friends will think that you are always online and you entertain them regularly. But there are some consequences in which we cannot update our Status on Facebook, like when We are ill or out of station or on other planet, :D .
To make our friends feel that we are totally addicted to Facebook, and we access Facebook regularly, We can schedule our Facebook Status Updates. Yes it is true, Friends. Even though you are out of station you can make your friends feel that you are still on Facebook. By using our Trick You can schedule your Facebook Status.
To schedule our Facebook status updates, We will use a Very Popular and Free tool named, LaterBro
To schedule your Facebook Status update, Follow the Given steps :-
1. Visit LaterBro’s Website
2. Click on Login with Facebook
3. Grant Facebook Permission to LaterBro App
4. Now you will again redirected from Facebook Permission page to LaterBro Website
5. Now Select your TimeZone and Click on Next
That’s it !! Now Write your Status, Select Time and Date, Check Box your Name and Click on Schedule.
You can use Re-Occurrence feature too.
Enjoy !!


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