iReboot: Restart and boot into OS of your choice automatically

iReboot is a small freeware program which lets you select the OS to boot into before you restart your PC. This tool can come handy if you have multiple OSs installed on your computer and you often have to switch between them.

When you install this tiny app on your PC it automatically detects all the Operating Systems installed. It will sit in your taskbar and whenever you feel like switching your OS just right click on its icon and chose the OS you want and go for a walk. You don’t have to sit in front of your PC and wait for your OS to shutdown and select the OS you want to load from the boot menu. It will automatically select the OS of your choice from the boot menu and load it for you and when you come back from the walk the OS of your choice will be ready for you.

Download iReboot (Freeware) (247 kb)



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