Disable / Prevent Avast illegal Message from Pop-Out [ working Solution] By ZeNiX


Today..i just found the solution how to stop or prevent Avast illegal Message that always pop - out.. i have try this method.. 1 week ago , so far... no illegal message/warning message  is coming out ...

1) first you need to install the crack : go here to download the crack and how to use the crack HERE. 

 note : if you have already install it, please skip this step


2) after that..make sure that your license will expired till 2050 :)

  Note : after you crack should have pop out the avast illegal warning message..

  Note :  if you have already install it, please skip this step



3) To disable AVAST ILLEGAL WARNING MESSAGE .. you need to download this first or use the one from above (in the folder Manual Install)

Multiupload Link Link ---> [link UPDATED]

Then ,

1. Rename ZeNiX.dll to Version.dll  <--- in the manual folder i provide

2. Copy Version.dll to these folders

  c:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\
  c:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\Setup

**For some it is possible to do this in safe mode only...
3. Delete Userenv.dll from above folders, if you find any.

4. Reboot

thanks to : ZeNiX


NOTE : if you can't deleted ' Userenv.dll '  Please Disable Avast Self-Protection module from Avast first .(Go to Setting -->Troubleshooting ).. or you can cut it and paste at your desktop after Disable Avast Self-Protection :)

   You can re-enable it later.


any problem, feel free to leave a message..i will reply ASAP :)


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