Disable Right Click on your blog or webpage

Its becoming essential to secure the content of your web page and blog from being copied. To achieve this you have to disable the RIGHT CLICK . Many of my friends are trying various scripts to disable right click. Even I tried one. But the problem is that it was running fine in Internet Explorer and not in Firefox or other browsers. So I found the simplest way to disable right click. A bit higher security is achieved.

Lets see..... how..

( sign in to your blogger --> layout -->edit html)

Find this piece of code in your template.

< / head>

its the end of the head tag < / head > and the beginning of body tag .
In the body tag just write this sentence " oncontextmenu='return false;' "

u will see it like this

< / head >
b o d y oncontextmenu="'return">
and your are done... THATS n check your blog...


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