Use Dexpot to have multiple virtual desktops

Is your current desktop full of shortcuts and files?? Has it become really difficult to organize all your files and folders on the single desktop?? Then Deskpot is the thing you must have. Deskpot is a freeware for Windows 7 users using which you can have upto 20 virtual desktops on your single PC.
You can organize all you files and folders easily and very neatly using this amazing app. You can have separate desktops for different type of applications. One for all your office related softwares and files, other for all the media files and games and so on.
Using dexpot on your computer you will save a lot of time and it will increase your efficiency. If you have too many files and folders on your desktop and need some more space on screen then Dexpot is for you. Give it a try. You can download it from the link given below.


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