Tips to Improve Laptop Battery Backup

Laptops are important as they can be used anywhere and without power source available. But a laptop can soon become uninteresting if it gives you improper battery backup. We have already gone through some of the tips to extract maximum out of your laptop battery. For those who didn’t get to read the tips, here is the link for the same. We are back with the same section with another set of points to remember to optimize the laptop battery.
laptop Tips to Improve Laptop Battery Backup
• Ensure the battery contacts are clean: With time, the metal battery contact points tend to attract dirt, so it is better to clean the points with some soft cloth and alcohol to extract the max battery.
• Ensure proper health of the battery: Make sure that you don’t leave the battery charged for long time; it should be used once every two-three weeks. Doing this ensures longer usage of the battery.
• No Multitasking: Although computers are used for multitasking but you would have seen your battery drying out quickly when you are running several programs at the same time. Thus try to reduce the work load of the system when on battery.
• Prioritize: If you are already running low on the battery and need to maximize the usage then pick your program usage wisely as running email and word processing consume much less power than gaming or playing a DVD.
• Fully charging/discharging: Following the practice of fully charging and fully discharging provides the laptop with healthy and powerful battery.
If you also have some points then do let us know.


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