Manage Free Disk Space Better With Diskboss Disk Management Software

It often happens that you end up in all confusion that where to locate any specific files or folders in your own system. This happens due to improper management of the hard disk in your computer. While installing any software in your system, you don’t even know that how much space those temporary/unwanted files consumes which you don’t even want to be present there in the system. For all the above mentioned scenario, it becomes very essential to regularly monitor and manage the hard disk in your computer. We know it is very hard to manage this manually and that is why we recommend a small tool which may prove to be really helpful in above mentioned scenarios.
DiskBoss is a small, easy to use, useful and an advanced file and disk management tool which can provide disk analysis, detect and remove duplicate files, organize files according to defined rules. One may observe that this tool work as a trace eraser and along with this it also synchronize disks and directories, remove junk and duplicate files. Thus, we can say that Disk Boss is a nice free utility and along with all the above mentioned features, there are some additional plugins to further sort and classify your hard disk files and view disk changes in a graph but they are available only with the paid version.
This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below and then you may easily install it in your system. As soon as you launch it for the very first time, you may observe that it provides some options to refine the way you wish to use it. These options include, hiding all the file extensions, excluding the protected operating system files from the analysis list. You may also view the file deletion confirmation box when disk cleanup is completed, in order to make sure that you may not end up in some wrong file selection for deletion. So, among these options, you may easily select those options which you wish to include and uncheck any that you wish to exclude from main functionality.
Now, in order to analyze a disk, or in order to search for duplicate files or for organizing files by pre-defined rules, you need to choose the appropriate option from the right-click context menu available with the utility. For instance, you can right-click on a drive which you want to analyze and choose Find Duplicate Files in order to start locating duplicate files and hence may further remove them from the disk.
Along with all the features discussed above, you can even use Disk Boss to Synchronize folders or entire drives by making use of the Sync button present on the top of the main interface. To sync data between drives or directories, choose a source and destination path and click Sync, and rest will be taken care by the utility itself.
So, overall we can say that it is a nice little utility which may be helpful in above mentioned scenarios. So, download it and give it a try. It works fine on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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