How to Backup Firefox Profiles, Bookmarks & Favorites

Backing up Firefox profiles from one system to another is not simple, even many of our readers have asked us how to do that. Although I have shared one tool called FavBackup earlier which can even backup every browser easily for you, here is another simple tool for the same purpose.
For all those people who work on more than one system, one thing that annoys them the most is that the browser they use is not according to them. So if you want to backup and transfer the user profiles from one Firefox browser to another, you can use the tools mentioned.

batckup firefox batchapp 300x106 How to Backup Firefox Profiles, Bookmarks & Favorites

Batckup Firefox is a small and very easy to use command line utility that willautomatically backup all your Firefox profiles to another folder. The tool is small, free and portable to use, so when you wish to use it you just need to double click and run it. No installation is required.
What this tool will do is, it will save all of your Fifrefox profile along with bookmarks,favorites etc into the destination folder that you select. While there are many tools to backup, this is the simpler tool as you just need to run it.
To restore the saved profiles, it will provide you with the instructions.

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