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In office, school or college Facebook is mostly blocked in many organizations and there is not much that we can do to access it. While organizations block these social networking websites so that their employees do not engage in these activities and waste time but blocking the websites should be up to some extent as it can help them to reduce pressure and gain more productivity.
Web site lets you check your Facebook Newsfeed at work without the worry of prying eyes with a clever interface that poses as an Excel spreadsheet.
hardlyworkin 300x168 How to Access Facebook in office with Maximum Stealth

Just go to the site and give it access to your Facebook account, it populates a pedestrian-looking spreadsheet with your Facebook newsfeed. No eye-catching logos, sound effects, or chat windows will mar your appearance of diligent productivity. You will be able to browse your photo albums, so be careful as pictures can be eye-catching to that work busybody that always seems to be walking by your cubicle.
You just need to visit a web service called Hardlywork, provide your FB login credentials and allow the app to access your profile. The Facebook excel will present instantly before you where you can check all your activities.
Moreover, the Excel is dynamic in nature as you can search friends, look at pictures andvideos, tag friends in pictures and check your news feed. Hovering the mouse over certain items in the sheet also shows you profile picture.


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