Block access to certain drives in Windows 7 ultimate/premium

I usually store all my important files and documents in one separate drive on my laptop and I always wish that no one else could touch them without my permission. And when I give my laptop to other people I always fear that the person using my lappy might access my personal files. If your computer is accessed by many people then you may want to restrict access to certain drives on your computer for other users.
To block access to drive go to Computer and right click on the drive and select properties. In the properties window click on ‘Security’ tab. Select the user account you want to restrict and click on edit.
Change the permissions according to your need for user groups or a particular user and click Apply and then OK.  It will not work for users with admin account as even they have the same rights as you so they can revert all permissions. You will need an admin account to perform this task.This trick is for Windows 7 ultimate and premium edition users.




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